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Here you will find daily devotionals, inspirational messages, mentorship guides, how-to study the bible, and how to be a christian in the 21st century.

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Prayer & Fasting

Prayer & Fasting (6)

Perhaps no spiritual discipline today is as much misunderstood as fasting. Why to fast, how to fast, when to fast, how long to fast, what type of fast, SHOULD I fast…etc. In simplest terms, fasting means to abstain from food for a period of time for a spiritual purpose or goal.

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Red Pen Series

Red Pen Series (9)

There are very few men or women in our day of whom it can be truly said "that man or that woman has a message from God for the time in which we live ." Simply said the church is in tragic need of men with a message. The demand is for a specific message that will draw the line between such as have and such as don't.

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Life Skills Mentorship

Life Skills Mentorship (0)

Pastor Cephas is convinced and pursuaded by a heavenly vision with a divine assignment to discover, prepare and equip 7,000 individuals in his generation. If you believe God is speaking to you on this note, you can join this mentorship now. The objective is to give clarity of The Call to individuals who are called into all avenues of ministry, including but not limited to church life, world government, spiritual reformist and revolutionist.

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Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion (1)

Man does not need a teacher, he needs a Savior. May I also add that Jesus did not intend to be a great teacher, nor a philosopher or healer. He came purposely to save humanity. So don't tell us how much you love what He said, without loving who He is.

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Fashion & Faith

Fashion & Faith (0)

For observant religious women and men in America who want to follow the latest fashion trends, there is a dilemma about how to look haute without being too “hot.” A growing crop of bloggers answer that call, offering tips on how to take current looks and modify them to adhere to modest standards

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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth (3)

If you have something that belongs to the devil, he has legal right to seek for you and re-possess it. Jesus said one time, "the prince of this world (satan) is coming, and he has nothing in me." What have you, that belongs unto satan? As David prayed in the Psalms 139, "Search me, O God..." You also must allow God to search you, let nothing be found on you, that belongs to satan. Don't give the pursuer legal grounds to demand a judicial summon against you.

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