Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Many questions get asked by visitors to church, newcomers to town, and friends and neighbors of our members. Here’s a list of questions that may help you get to know Honeywell Worship Center better.

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Church FAQ's

Is Honeywell Worship Center affiliated with a denomination?
Yes. Honeywell Worship Center is the local wing of Honeywell Baptist Church Inc, an affiliate member of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Baptist Convention of New York and the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association.

We do not believe in strictly following a denomination outside of the teachings of the Bible. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. We believe the Bible is God’s word, and we give each person the freedom to responsibly interpret the Bible for themselves. We celebrate communion monthly and as needed; and we are autonomously governed (no one “higher up” tells us what to do – except God!). For more information on the denomination, you can email us at or visit our page on Who We Are and What We Believe.
What should I expect if I attend a church service and what do people wear?
We three unique services, one on Wednesday night at 7pm to 9pm, Friday 7:30pm to 10pm and Sunday Worship Service at 11am to 1pm. Our services are 2 hours long and consist of a worship time with contemporary music for the first 35 minutes and a time of Bible teaching or preaching for the last 45 minutes. No!  Dressing up is not a requirement to worship with us at Crestwood. Some do wear their “Sunday best” but you’re also likely to see someone in slacks and a casual shirt, or even jeans. We believe the most important part about Sunday morning is showing up, ready to worship God. Our Friday night services are prayerfully driven and we spend time praying for the sick, the oppress and anyone that requires any form of prayers. The Wednesday services are Bible Teachings gear towards a Bible School education level of discipline.

Each worship service provides contemporary music, including a keyboard, bass guitars and drums. We believe the music is tastefully done in a manner that exalts the Lord and assists our corporate worship of Him. We often include a hymn in with the music set.
Do I have to belong to your denomination to attend?
Not at all! In fact, many in our congregation come from a church background other than the Baptist denomination. We have many former Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Charismatics and Methodists.

We are a “patchwork” church – people with different church backgrounds “woven together” by God’s grace. Our authority is the Bible, not denominations.
What's involved in becoming a member?
If you are currently a member of another congregation, you may join by transferring your membership. However, it is always good to participate in a membership inquiry class as a way of meeting others, to learn or have a refresher on the beliefs and vision of the Honeywell Worship Center.

Many people attend this church faithfully and participate in its greater work, but never become members for a complexity of reasons, such as families with multiple faith traditions. These folks are also part of our church family.
I'm a little shy and I don't want to be singled out or embarrassed.
We never single anyone out or cause you to feel awkward or embarrassed. We will greet you, introduce ourselves to you and extend a warm welcome. We want your first experience with us to be warm. Our hope is that we can get to know one another over time.
What time is your Sunday worship service?
There are three services throughout the week. Wednesday night service is 7pm to 9pm for discipleship training and bible education, often begins with a 30 minutes prayer, 30 minutes worship session and an hour of teaching with question-and-answer sessions. Our Friday services are 7:30pm to 10pm. We focus entirely on prayer and believe in the miracles. You can join us here if you want prayer for any situation. Sunday morning services are held at 11:00am to 1:00pm. Adult Sunday School classes are held at 10:00am.

Visit us any of these service and we'll be happy to give you a warm welcome.
Where is the church located?
We are located on 2024 Honeywell Avenue, Bronx, New York 10460. We are close by the infamous Bronx Zoo with our church building located between East 179th street and 178th street.

Our unique, classical building of 1925 may miss your eyes but once you find it, you'll love it! As in many places in New York City, street parking is the only form of parking to the church. If you need assistance finding a parking and you're new to the community, please inform our ushers.
What makes Honeywell Worship Center unique? What is this church all about?
Honeywell Worship Center is a church. We want to help people connect with God and grow in their relationship with Him. Our methods, though, may be seen as unique to some. Around Honeywell we’re none too interested in the trappings of religion, but we are thrilled to create meaningful opportunities for people to experience God through creativity in our church gatherings, sub-ministries, and through a serving opportunity in the community during our 90 Days Call to the Altar evangelistic programr.

We think that God is the very best and desires to be in relationship with every person on the planet. Thus, we are endeavoring to reach out to people who are far from Him and grow them up in Christ through unique and sometimes unconventional means.
How can we get the latest sermons from the pastor?

Pastor Cephas is the founding and Senior Pastor of The Honeywell Church. He preaches most of the Sundays in the month and Friday services as well. His spiritual advisor, Apostle Dr. Eric Achaab, preaches other Sundays together with the Wednesday Evening Teachings.

Our Sunday and Friday sermons will be live streamed at or visit our church facebook page for the stream.

Once a sermon series is concluded, the pastors will decide whether or not to release the entire series. Most, but not all, of the pastoral sermons will be released free of charge in audio and video formats through our youtube channel or the sermon page on this site. Some sermon series will include other free resources for leaders on the “leaders list”. You can sign up for that list here.

The best way to stay informed of what Pastor Cephas is working on his personal website at or check out his iternery page on this site.
How can I get more information?
Please feel free to chat with one of our deacons after church, or fill out a Connect Card and one of the pastor’s will contact you. The church office is opened during week days from Tuesday through Friday 11:00am to 6:00pm. For after hour counseling or chat with the pastors, please see the church secretary or pastoral aide for appointments. You can also contact the church office by email at or phone at (718) 860-1416 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or direct you to the right person.

Worship services and events are sometimes photographed and videotaped to document the vibrant life of our church. If you do not wish to be included in these recordings, please notify an usher for assistance.