HBC is where history is shaped through prayer and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. No soul is left behind, and none will perish at our watch. We are determined to send the gospel to every nation and every corner in the world.

 At Honeywell Baptist Church, we are ultimately committed to the Great Commission Resurgence. In a generation bewitched by New Age principles and ungodly ambitions, HBC has risen to answer the call to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ at all cost. At His ascension, the Lord commissioned the disciples on a mission that was very dear to His heart. He said unto them, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures." This to us is the ultimate of all believers. We have nothing to do here on earth, but to save souls. We will do it with our very last breath and on our death bed. Our Savior did not suggest this mission to us, nor did He make it an option, but it was an expedite command that cannot be disobeyed.

 We were called in this generation because our generation needs us. We do not believe that we are dispensable, nor are we replaceable. We believe that our Lord has given us a role in this generation, and unlike Judas Iscariot, we cannot afford to fail Him and die unaccomplished. This generation is thirsty and hungers for the Living Water, and we are thirty and hungry for provision to fulfill this mission.

 Give Us The Tools: We employ our fellows and friends around the world to join us in this Great Commission. If you cannot do this at the peril of your lives to rescue a soul from an eternal damnation, then we employ you, we beseech you, and we beg you: Give us the tools, and we shall fulfill the task.


Aiming At The Mission

Honeywell Worship Center

HWC is a wing of the Honeywell Baptist Church Inc. It represents a center for the development of believers in the discipline of Christ and the propagation of the gospel.

This Wing is committed to soul winning and discipleship – building and nurturing the Christian to the full measure and stature of Jesus Christ. HWC seeks the spiritual and physical well-being of all members through a well-organized Foundation Course, Discipleship and Pastoral care.

Aiming At The Mission

Prayer Cell Inc.

The main objective of The Prayer Cell International is to maintain a 24-7 prayer satellite, initiating intercession and seeking the Lord as tools to enable church leaders, ministers, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, para-church leaders and missionaries to build networks and effectively fulfill their task

The PCI Prayer Satellites is a direct response to God's command to set up international prayer centers, where members of the immediate community can easily access.

The PCI is a place of intercession for Nations and people resulting in the long awaited end time revival.

Aiming At The Vision

Life Skills Mentorship Inc.

In the summer of 2012, Pastor Cephas received a divine vision that the LORD is unleashing 7,000 individuals from His divine incubator who will shake the world from the center to its circumference. Pastor Cephas is convinced and pursuaded by this heavenly vision with a divine assignment to discover, prepare and equip these individuals. If you believe God is speaking to you on this note, you can join this mentorship now

The objective is to give clarity of The Call to individuals who are called into all avenues of ministry, including but not limited to church life, world government, spiritual reformist and revolutionist. This mentorship will caution of pitfalls and pitbulls to those that will stand on the world pulpit; and to impact God’s plan for this Endtime.

The world class

Honeywell Outreach Center

This Wing is committed to the planning and implementation of projects and programs such as Crusades, Revivals, Seminars, Workshops, Camp Meetings, and Conferences. Honeywell World outreach uses avenues such as a Web Page, E-Mail, Radio, TV Broadcast, Tracts, Bibles, Newsletters, Christian Literature, Teaching Audio and Video distribution, Prayer Centers (Prayer Cell Int’l), and social media, as well as Soul Winning Teams for the Evangelization of the World, Edification of the Church and the Fulfillment of HBC’s Vision.

HBC has established Prayer Cell Int’l as an outreach ministry for ignite the flames of a worldwide revival of the church and global awakening. Honeywell World Outreach is the interdenominational wing of Honeywell Baptist Church. This wing represents HBC in all the Nations of the World in Spiritual, Social and Economic Affairs.



The Global Vision of this Church is “Shaping History through Prayer” to ensure total emancipation - salvation, of lost souls in Villages, Towns and Cities of the Nations of the World; contributing to the spiritual and entrepreneurial prosperity and enlightment of the Body of Christ through Biblical enrichment, prayer, spiritual guidance, motivational resources and economic empowerment.


Community transformation through biblical enrichment, initiating intercession, evangelism and effective gospel teachings as tools to make a Divine impact in our community. If the local church is transformed, the community will be.


We will be a place where the hurting, depressed, frustrated and confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, encouragement and purpose for life.

We will share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the lost in our community and to welcome as many as the Lord will save into the fellowship of our Local Church family.

We will empower, nurture, and establish believers, spiritually, economically, and socially. Thus, they will impact and change communities for Jesus Christ through Prayer, Preaching and Teaching of God’s Word.

We will equip believers for a significant ministry by helping them discover, develop and deploy the gifts and talents God gave them.

We will be a Church where every member is a soul winner, a minister of the gospel and a spiritual warrior, fully equipped for the work of the Ministry.

We will plant Prayer Satellites and Satellite Churches all over the Nation and its environs (districts around the City).

We will feed; cloth, house, educate, rehabilitate and empower the needy, social outcast, the disabled etc. to positively contribute to their quota to society at large.

We will support as well as send members on short and long term missionary and ministry projects to every continent.